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How to format your list for Calligraphy

How to format your Address List
that I'll work from to copy guest names
In order for me to address envelopes correctly and with the fastest possible turnaround time, I require that your list of names & addresses follow these guidelines:

1. For
outer envelope addresses, each name must be written directly above the corresponding address as in the examples below.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you double check your list for typos and completeness, as I will copy what you give me EXACTLY, with the sole exception of state names. I will write out the entire name of the State unless directed not to.

2.  The names for inner envelopes
should be on a SEPARATE list; this helps to eliminate wasted envelopes, and increases the speed which I can get them back to you.

3.  I require five EXTRA envelopes per 100 names, which you will get back if they are not used, because I am not perfect, and only human, I have a very small error rate of 3% - 7%. Please DO NOT give me 100 envelopes for 100 names as there will NOT be enough!  Again, due to a small error rate, I require a few more envelopes than you actually need, and you WILL get them back if I don't use them.


Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
1234 Elm Avenue
Royal Oak, MI 48073

Mr. John Doe
4321 Maple Avenue, Apt. 2
Akron, OH 44933

Mr. Robert Smith
Ms. Jane Doe
and Family
3211 Woodward
Twin Cities, IA 33991

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